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The Trade Team

Rahdric | Senior Sales Manager

Hi, I’m Rahdric. I’ve got 10 years of experience in the retail industry, with a focus on sales, customer service, and leadership. As a certified designer through La-Z-Boy, I have a deep understanding of furniture design and principles and stay up-to-date on current design trends. I believe that building strong relationships with customers is key to success in the retail industry, and I always strive to go above and beyond to meet their needs. I’m looking forward to helping you and your business grow and excel in the design industry.

Adrianne | Senior Trade Account Coordinator

Hi! I’m Adrianne, a detail-oriented professional with a passion for customer service and innovation. During my years working in retail and customer service, I’ve developed a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in a fast-paced and competitive industry like design. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and creative solutions to drive sales and improve the customer experience, whether it's through the implementation of new tech or developing innovative marketing strategies, I’m committed to staying ahead of the curve and exceeding expectations.

Rachelle | Senior Trade Account Coordinator

Hey there, I’m Rachelle. With over 10 years of experience in wholesale furniture production and trade, I’ve been able to gain a deep understanding of the industry and I’m not only committed to bringing you exceptional results but exceeding your expectations. As an energetic individual, passionate about providing outstanding customer service, my clients can always expect to have a fun and enjoyable working relationship with me.

Stephanie | Senior Trade Account Coordinator

Hi, my name is Stephanie, and with over 10 years of wholesale management and retail trade experience, I’ve definitely gained a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the industry. As a detail-oriented person, I’m all about bringing my clients results that exceed their expectations. I can’t wait to work closely with you to help level up your business.

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