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Tolson (Wood Top) End Table

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In this table, the beauty of natural wood is paired with daring design to create an inspired work of art.
No matter the size of the room you hope to complete, the Tolson is sure to fill it with all the Mid-century flair you need. Just as its starburst shape evokes the shining optimism of the Space Age, this table will brighten every corner with its dramatic silhouette and creative design.
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Slim and Sleek

The Tolson’s eye-catching structure and lovely wood grain surface exude pure elegance, while the small feet and slender build allow the piece to fill any space without taking up too much of it. As functional as it is elegant, this end table can easily transform any space with its unique beauty.

Made of More

Make no mistake, an end table is no less important than the furniture it accompanies, so it must hold up just as well. This is why the Tolson is built from only the best materials and assembled by equally superb craftsmen. In every grain of its smooth surface, you can see the excellent quality that comprises this piece.

Product Specs

23.5" x 23.5" Height: 22"
Your Choice of Walnut, Maple and Cherry veneer on a plywood core for added stability, strength and smoothness.
Combination of solid veneer Cherry, Maple or Walnut and plywood. Corner bolted for highest quality.
2 days in sanding and finishing departments highlight the detail and quality of each unique table.
Product Care
Dust your furniture regularly with a soft, dry, untreated cloth.
Moisture and heat can damage any wood finish so it's important to protect your furniture by using coasters. Always wipe up moisture promptly and dry with a soft cloth.
Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across the surface of your wood furniture. Use felt pads, trivets, coasters and placemats when possible.
Gently clean with a soft, damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth.
Customer Spaces
Take a look at how our customers styled their spaces with this product
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Tolson Features


Responsibly Sourced Wood

We believe that responsibly sourced wood can take any piece to the next level, expanding its beauty and extending its longevity.

Handmade Quality

We hold ourselves to an above-average standard that applies to every triple-secured joint and smooth, sanded edge.

Top-Notch Materials

Longevity is directly related to quality materials, so our combination of premium wood, foam and upholstery will stand the test of time.
Handcrafted for You
We’ll keep making furniture the old-fashioned way. Each piece is designed, cut, glued, screwed, upholstered, and finished by our skilled craftsmen and women at our workshop.
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See why customers love the Tolson (Wood Top) End Table4.7 / 5 (9 Reviews)

Read real customer reviews and what they’re saying about this product.

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  • Stephen S
    Stunning end table
    The table looks nice online but it's even better in real life. Bigger than I anticipated, and that's a good thing. Perfect height next to my Soto Apartment Chair. Plenty of room for a book, magazines, drink (with coaster, of course), and a small clock without looking cluttered. Love this well-made table, was worth the delay. Make sure it's situated ... 
  • Liz
    Pretty solid
    Legs are solid (or appear to be), but the top looks very much like a laminate or veneer. The overall construction seems good, and the style is what I wanted. So for the price, I'd say this is decent but not amazing.
  • Dale L
    Well worth it!
    At first I thought this might be an overpriced piece of furniture; but it’s an elegant piece that has received a lot of great feedback from my friends. It’s a terrific design, and a very well put together piece.
  • Marianne S
    Even better in person
    This table is even better in person then in the pictures! Totally worth the wait!!
  • Nicholas H
    This table is well made.
  • Crystal T
    Decent, but priced too high
    We purchased the Tolson table to go with our new sofas. For $500 I thought the table would be a little more solid. I know it's not a huge piece, but my 4 month old kitten knocked it over. We had been thinking about ordering a 2nd one, but it's just not heavy enough nor does it have enough actual ... 
  • Rupa R
    Great table
    Nice size and shape.
  • Rebecca
    Cute table
    This side table is perfect size for my space.
  • Jim L
    Simple yet elegant
    Our two end tables complete our whole set.
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