Furniture Protection Plan

Our protection plan by Serveco is here for you. When an accident happens, your investment is protected.

Protection Plan

We’ve partnered with Serveco to create a best-in-class Protection Plan. When an accident happens your investment is protected.

Your coverage includes:

  • Spilling coffee in bed
  • Ink stains from your crossword puzzle
  • Human and pet-related stains
  • Rips, tears, or mishaps around the home
  • Common accidents from children
  • Stains / liquid rings
  • Burns / heat marks
  • Warping / lifting / bubbling
  • Silvering on mirrors
  • Gauge / chip / deep scratch
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* Protection Plan is not a cleaning or maintenance contract, insurance policy, or Your original manufacturer's warranty. This Plan covers furniture for certain mechanical and structural breakdown and accidental damage from normal household use.

** If the furniture or part to be replaced is no longer available, you can select new furniture of equal or lesser value! To continue coverage on the replaced piece, the protection plan must be repurchased.