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Top-Grain Leathers

Sophisticated, supple, and it gets better with age? We believe everything's better with high-quality leather.

All leathers are not created equal, which is why we only use the best. All our leathers are top-grain, a high standard within the furniture industry. Made from the top layer of the hide, top-grain leather is the most durable and flexible with lots of natural character. Because of its quality, our talented craftsmen only need to dye and upholster the leather onto the custom design of your choice—no buffing necessary.

Full Aniline Dyed Leather

Our top-grain leathers get their rich tint from a bath in non-toxic aniline dye. We soak the leather all the way through the hide in a transparent dye, which allows all of the natural flecks and marks to remain visible. A clear topcoat is then hand-applied to help protect the color and to maximize durability. Choose the custom shade that works perfectly for your space.

Natural Distressing

The grain on leather hides is just as unique as your fingerprints. We look forward to our top-grain leathers showing off their inherent beauty through every natural mark and color variation. This gently distressed appearance is just the kind of rich character that every well-designed space needs.

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