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Kick back and relax with an ottoman that does it all with a no nonsense Mid-century vibe that meshes perfectly with its supreme versatility.
Built to last for a lifetime, the Lyle Ottoman is teeming with understated panache that lends a cultured, well-curated look to any room. Crafted from the finest materials, customize yours to ensure you have an infinitely accent piece that will always suit your mood.
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Get Grounded

Nail down your room’s look with this sprawling ottoman that sits directly on the ground for a no-fuss, useful piece of furniture that’s as versatile as it is handsome.

So Accommodating

With a smooth surface that can hold a laptop or dinner tray with ease, this adaptable devil doubles as an excellent place to sit should extra house guests stop by or as an effortless way to add a little legroom to a sofa or favorite chair.
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See why customers love the Lyle Leather Ottoman

Read real customer reviews and what they’re saying about this product.

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  • MF
    Beautiful Ottomans
    I love the design of this ottoman - so much so, I bought 2. It looks exactly as I expected.
  • Kiah H
    This thing is awesome!
    We love being able to move it around the house.
  • Pinnacle I
    My go-to ottoman!
    This ottoman is a little low...but it worked perfectly in a mid-century modern living room I designed for a client. I paired it with marble and gold side tables and a low blue velvet sectional and it is just stunning. Great for kids as they can't get hurt on the corners!
  • Patrice T
    Just Right Cozy Touch
    The addition of this leather ottoman adds the perfect touch of cozy, with a mid-century modern feel, to our newly updated family room. It is a hit with all the family! Well built and great color! Shipped quickly and arrived very well packed.
  • Kylee D
    Perfect in every way!
    It’s soft, beautiful, and perfect! I can’t wait to see how the leather ages
  • Joshua S
    Sturdy and Comfy
    The Lyle Leather Ottoman is surprising sturdy for a quality soft leather. My wife and I love the look of the rustic leather and our boys love sprawling across it.
  • Anna
    Decorative and Versatile
    I had been eyeing this for a while, and I'm glad I finally decided to buy it. The leather is soft yet structured. I currently use it in my living room and love that it can be used as a coffee table, foot rest, or simply as a decorative piece.
  • Anna
    Decorative and Versatile
    I had been eyeing this for a while, but I'm glad I finally decided to buy it. I currently use it in my living room and love that it can be used as a coffee table, foot rest, or simply as a decorative piece. The leather is soft yet structured.
  • Kristin R
    Beautiful and Practical
    We are SO happy with our Lyle Leather Ottoman. It's big enough for a small tray and two pairs of feet without overwhelming our small living room. Very high quality as well.
  • Rebecca B
    Looks great
    While it is shorter than my couch, it is still very comfortable to prop my feet on. I also placed a wooden tray on it so that I can use it as a coffee table and put drinks on it. The leather is good quality, and it looks like it should hold up to being in the same space as ... 
  • Joey O
    Great Ottoman, Lovely Leather
    My Clients are super happy with this piece. The leather is easy to take care of and the Ottoman looks brand new a year later. Great piece for the $$
  • Claude
    Nice Ottoman!
    Beautiful! Leather! Ottoman!
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