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This distinctive, wonderfully retro design is the perfect blend of chic and relaxing, the perfect complement to your living space or office.
If any piece says Mid-century perfection, it’s the Hughes sectional. And with endless customization options, you can add your own creative spin on it to make it perfectly you. Go with neutrals to highlight the sectional’s unique lines and embellishments, or choose a bright, bold color for a one of a kind, instant heirloom piece.
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Time Machine

The Hughes sectional practically shouts Mid-century modern. Classic tufted buttons, a sleek two-cushion sofa layout, a rounded profile, and angled legs and arms — it’s got it all. This is a paragon of vintage design that will make your living room, office, or study the envy of all your friends.

Sleeping Beauty

Think you have to sacrifice comfort to get the vintage look you crave? Think again! We put extreme care into every aspect of our furniture. From our supportive, kiln-dried wood frame, to the high-density foam cushioning, every inch of this piece is as comfortable as it is gorgeous. So go ahead, take that nap.
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Hughes Features



The straight arms, firm cushioning and slight recline give you perfect support, especially for your lower back.


Enjoy firm support and easy comfort, whether working, sitting, or napping.


The high back provides head and neck support for everyone, even the tallest members of the family.

See why customers love the Hughes Sectional

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  • Julie M
    Gorgeous, stain resistant and versatile. The cushions and shape hold up well and the color is vibrant. I've had this couch for a while now and it was a great purchase.
  • Jacqueline S
    So comfortable and beautiful!
  • Dionne C
    Love our new couches!!
    Got both the Hughes Sectional and the Reversible Sectional and love the look!! I was a tad disappointed that the regular couch wasn’t available in my Cody Sandstone due to it being produced at a different facility that didn’t yet have that material, but the reversible sectional was a tad longer and came with optional 3rd pillow to make it ... 
  • Cynthia G
    Beautiful and Durable
    This beauty has been put to the test in the last two years and she has rose to the challenges of a busy family of four and Stevie the cat (beloved newest family member). Sturdy construction, durable fabric without sacrificing style has been the perfect combination for my family. Looking forward too many many more years of lounging and ... 
  • Elijah G
    Loving it
    Im 6'5 and I can lay on this with my gf no issues. Its deep cushions give lots of room. I was surprised how solid and well made it was. I would buy from joybird again.
  • Michellle C
    Elegant and comfortable
    I love love love my new couch! It's beautiful, elegant and comfortable. The color is exactly as it looked on the sample swatch, so it fits into the colors in the room exactly as I expected. The style fits so well into my 1950s bungalow and the low aspect allows for good view of the large window ... 
  • Jennifer R
    favorite place to sit!
    my clients are spending great family time on this sofa
  • Claire J
    We love our Hughes Sectional!
    We love our Hughes sectional. It's comfortable and has plenty of room for two adults to lie down. Also, we live in an old house with narrow doorways and hallways and the delivery folks had no trouble getting the couch upstairs and into a room, which is unique for couches in our place. The delivery team ... 
  • Sara H
    So Far So Good
    So far I am loving the Hughes sectional. The cushions are nicely firm. As someone with back issues I am pleased that they are very supportive and comfortable for napping. So far the cushions seem to be holding their shape with minimal adjustments needed. The Essence fabric matched the swatch perfectly and seems much sturdier and ... 
  • Sam S
    It's ok
    I wish I could say that I was delighted with my purchase but I'd only be doing so to make myself feel better about investing in the time and money. Having lived with it now for 2 full months, I felt like I was prepared to submit a review. Understand, the pieces themselves (posting this same review for all of ... 
  • Tara L
    Style and comfort
    We love the sofa. It’s stylish and comfortable. We have pets and the hair blends in with the fabric making it harder to see. We can brush some of it off, but really needs to be vacuumed to get all the hair off. It took quite a while to get, but we ran into flooring problems and it actually worked ... 
  • Valerie
    Perfect couch for a MCM look!
    If there were quarter points, I'd give this couch a 4.75. It's not perfect, but it's darn near close. The couch is firm but comfortable (especially with the slanted back), and the fabric is durable yet soft, not to mention a lovely color. It's a beautiful way to have a mid-century look without the discomfort of an ... 
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Of all the couches we tested, Joybird’s offers the best mix of quality construction, comfort, and price.

A new breed of online furniture manufacturer offering high-end quality, customization & quick turnaround.

Joybird is changing the custom furniture game.

Well-made, customizable seating inspired by Mid-century styles rule the roost at Joybird furniture.

Not only does Joybird offer a range of customizeable mid-century piece, it's an amazing place for design inspo.

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