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A favorite sofa now in sleeper form! This mid-century-esque marvel features a clever concealed pull-out bed within clean lines and classic detailing.
The Hughes Sleeper Sofa is a sure bet for being the most coveted piece in your home. Its sophisticated frame and timeless tailoring makes it hard to recognize as a sleeper, making its multifunctionality all the more impressive. Whether you’re styling a guest room or looking to give your living room double duty, the Hughes Sleeper gets it done with undeniably dashing design.
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Houseguest Haven

The epitome of style meets function, the Hughes Sleeper is a must have for any home with frequent visitors. Your guests will be smitten with the sofa’s mid-century style, and pleasantly surprised by the superior comfort of the pull-out bed. Place it in virtually any space to up the ante on stylish entertaining.

Darling Duality

The Hughes has a reputation for its subtle tufting, flared arms and tapered legs, but the added benefit of the sleeper allows this sofa to go from living room stunner, to beautiful bed in a matter of moments. Increase the duality of your space while lending some mid-century modernity to the mix.
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Hughes Features



Enjoy the support of the firm back and flared arms, or relish the recline of the retractable bed.


The medium plush cushions and the memory foam mattress keep this sleeper cozy and comfortable.


Perfectly proportioned, you’ll be seated or sleeping at the optimum altitude.

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  • Beth
    No major complaints!
    Have owned this sofa for about 8 months now. It looks nice and the pullout bed isn't too bad. The sofa is quite deep and the seat cushions don't fit perfectly into the seat; there is a lot of shifting of the seat cushions and they frequently need to be pushed back into place. There is a slight fabric defect ... 
  • Anonymous
    Great sleeper
    This is our first purchase with Joybird and we love our couch so far. Our guests said that the sleeper was comfortable and we really like the look and feel of it as a sofa too. The quality of the materials seems solid and we're looking forward to many years of use! We ordered key largo teal because we ... 
  • Stuart H
    Great sofa/great bed
    We love our new Hughes sleeper! It is super comfortable- especially for a sleeper! Well worth the investment
  • M B
    Love it
    Love the color and comfort of this couch!
  • Heather C
    Gorgeous, Long Sleeper Couch
    We love this couch! The smooth material is really nice, and I the deep olive color is exactly what I was hoping for. The sleeper is easy to use and comfortable.
  • Michael P
    Excellence in customer care
    We are great full for the extraordinary concern and care we received from our new friends at Joybird. We had issues in the delivery of our sofa. Problems happen in life however, we learn about the fabric of people/ organizations in the working through of problems. the staff at Joybird are ALL focused upon job one, quality ... 
  • Cass G
    Can a sofa be sexy and comfy simultaneously? Better than expected, we are loving our Hughes!
  • Liraz P
    Such a gem!
    I love this couch! It’s comfy, it’s efficient and it looks like something right out of a mid century modern dream! The look fits my office perfectly and thanksgiving guests already raves about the surprisingly comfortable sleeper sofa function. Win win!
  • Daniel S
    Amazing couch but not so amazing bed
    The couch is great. It’s spacious and very comfortable. I purchased a sleeper sofa and was hoping the technology for a pull out bed had become more advanced over the years. Unfortunately, the mattress is uncomfortable and does not have a lot of support. The mattress itself sags. There’s also a few pieces of threading that are loose on the ... 
  • Addison
    Almost a Five!
    I would have given this sofa a 5 star rating but there are a few issues: one, the mattress is saggy in the middle- maybe we got a lemon but it seems like it should be better. Also, the zipper on one of the couch cushions is separating from the wrong side- I keep trying to fix it but I ... 
  • Gayetri N
    LOVE IT!
    I absolutely love my new couch! The color is beautiful and it is exactly the kind of modern couch we were looking for. It is really comfy and I love that it is firm so you don't sink in the couch. I am so glad we invested in this couch for our new home. Also, Joybird's customer service is the ... 
  • Adrianna B
    Comfy sofa
    Delivery was smooth and easy. Love the style and true to color. Great feel of cushion firm, but comfortable. Mattress in sleeper was a welcome surprise and enjoyable to lay on for guests.
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