Small Space Chairs


Small Space Chairs & Seating

At Joybird, we’re committed to building stylish, meticulously-built furniture that’s as delightful to look at as it is to use in any setting. From the largest sprawling suburban home to the tiniest of urban studios, we think the size of your living space should never dictate your design dreams. Passionate about quality, we wouldn’t dare cut corners when it comes to materials and craftsmanship. However, we have discovered some nifty ways to shave a few inches off our furniture designs to offer you small space chairs that are a perfect fit in even the coziest of rooms.

Chances are no matter what size home, apartment, condo or office you have, there’s an area that could seriously benefit from a scaled-down chair or two. Perhaps you have an odd-shaped hallway that has room for a reading nook but would be overwhelmed by a full-size accent chair. Or you have an apartment living room so tiny you’ve contemplated sitting in fold-up chairs. Here’s where our small space furniture can save the day!

We sifted through our most popular chairs and looked for ways to scale them down in size without sacrificing comfort. Our small space chairs and seating options feature the same sleek lines and classic good looks of our larger chairs but boast dimensions that are minimalism at its finest. We also offer an array of apartment chairs that are perfect for smaller rooms. Made with more narrow silhouettes and lower-profiles, you’ll find these chairs offer the best in mid-century modern design at a scale that’s easy to digest in even the tightest of spaces.

Like all of our custom-built furniture, our small space apartment chairs can be completely made to order. Stunning hand-carved frames or legs in your choice of wood stain and fabric in any color you can imagine allows you to create an eye-catching chair that adds the perfect personalized touch to your home. Choose a bold hue to bring a cheerful pop of color into an overlooked corner, or pick a more traditional fabric that allows the design details to do the talking. Whatever you decide, you’ll have a versatile, heirloom-quality chair that you can happily lounge in for a lifetime.

Your expertly curated small space deserves to live large. Take a look at our entire assortment of small space furniture, including chairs, sofas, sectionals, media consoles and more by using the search term “apartment” at You’ll discover a whole world of chic, compact furniture that’s big when it comes to style but pragmatic when it comes to dimensions. Never again will square footage be an issue when it comes to decorating the living space of your dreams.

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