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Urban Sanctuary

Bri Seeley - Downtown Los Angeles, CA
An inspiring entrepreneur gives us a peek inside her eclectic L.A. apartment—a colorful yet calming one-bedroom that reflects her personal style.

The Mod Couple

Patrick and Becky - Long Beach, CA
A pair of Hollywood writers layer quirky collectibles, modern fixtures and Mid-century furniture into their 1950s home for the ultimate space to live, work and entertain.

The Getaway

Douglas and Dennis - Palm Springs, CA
Step inside a colorful vacation home in Palm Springs that serves as a source of relaxation and escape for one busy Los Angeles family.

Down to Earth

Jim and Damaris Toepel - Redondo Beach, CA
Meet two rocket scientists with their feet on the ground and a color palette that’s up in the air. Tour their modern, minimalist, space-inspired family home near the beach.

The Trendsetters

Todd and Laura Gummerman - Nashville, TN
A lifestyle blogger and her musician husband breathe new life into a classic Southern home with their fresh twist on Mid-century style that’s hip yet homey and sure to be trending.

Room to Grow

Bryan and Emily Yee - Camarillo, CA
Built from the ground up, one couple’s airy modern home filled with rustic touches reflects their design tastes, personalities and vision for growing a family.

The Spanish Villa

Arturo and Michelle - East Los Angeles, CA
We check out the views from a hilltop 1920s Spanish home and embrace the rich designs and sounds of one family’s warm and worldly space.

The Ranch

Mark and Angie - Orange County, CA
Meet a creative young family in Orange County living inside a charming 1950s bungalow filled with artistic flair and playfulness fit for their two toddlers.

The Handcrafted Home

Michelle and Bobby - Scripps Ranch, CA
A bachelor pad turned family home North of San Diego warmly embraces one couple’s changing lifestyle and hands-on approach to design.

Our Forever Home

The Apodaca Family - Woodland Hills, CA
We head to the Valley for a peek inside a welcoming Mid-century home that embraces family-friendly comfort with a playful vibe.

The Treehouse

Neil and Ed - Riverside, CA
A couple of Mid-century minimalists give us a look into their retro modern home that’s peaceful, nostalgic and lets nature right in.

The Pink Palace

Kitten Kay Sera and Miss Kisses - West Hollywood, CA
The Pink Lady of Hollywood’s monochromatic apartment sets the tone for head-turning drama. Step inside her confectionary-colored space for some “pinkspiration.”

The Weekend Retreat

Ossie and Craig - Palm Springs, CA
A pair of Palm Springs locals give us a tour around their whimsical and sun-drenched vacation home that inspires you to “come on, get happy!”

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