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Leather Furniture


Leather Furniture in Modern and Mid-Century Styles

Ahhh, the scent of brand new, custom made leather furniture. It simply radiates with sophistication. That’s because there’s almost nothing more handsome than a well-built sofa or chair upholstered in premium, buttery soft leather. Incredibly comfortable and surprisingly low maintenance, leather is an excellent choice for homes with kids, pets and of course, design enthusiasts. At Joybird we proudly create heirloom-quality leather furniture that’s built for a lifetime of enjoyment for even the most high-traffic of households.

From leather sofas and sprawling leather sectionals to durable leather ottomans, bed frames and even decorative leather pillows, many of our custom designs can be made of leather. Not just any leather, mind you. We insist on using full-grain leathers of the highest quality in creating all of our furniture. That gives you plenty to choose from, whether you’re creating the leather Mid-century modern furniture of your dreams or going for a sleek, contemporary look that will always maintain that classic leather appeal. You’ll find the distinct Danish lines of pieces such as our always popular Soto chair look even more stunning in leather, while the button tufting on our timeless Eliot Sofa really pops when dressed in leather. Or, you may discover that choosing leather for your ottoman gives it a unyielding, dirt-resistant surface that’s just as handy when propping up your feet as it is holding a few cocktails on coasters.

As an investment, you’ll find selecting leather is a savvy way to markedly extend the life of your furniture. On average leather is four times more durable than even the toughest fabrics and like a fine wine, it’s a material only gets better with age. You’ll find yours will grow old gracefully, acquiring a rich patina and a gorgeous wrinkly appearance that permeates your furniture with rich character and personality. Although leather has a built-in resistance to fading, it’s always a good idea to keep yours out of direct sunlight to prevent it from drying or cracking.

When it comes to maintenance there’s almost nothing easier than keeping your leather furniture looking snazzy. Simply dust with a dry microfiber cloth and clean up spills promptly with mild soap and warm water. If you need to vacuum your furniture, be sure to use a soft or brush tip so you don’t scratch the surface of your favorite sitting spot. A perfect choice for people with allergies, leather is naturally hypoallergenic as it doesn’t harbor dust mites, pet dander or other allergens as easily as fabric can. Even dog and cat fur will find it a difficult surface to accumulate on, which makes it a premium pick for pet-loving homes.

Expertly built by master craftsmen and craftswomen, all our leather sofas, sectionals and chairs are manufactured in the US and feature solid, kiln-dried hardwood frames that quite elegantly stand up to the test of time. You can choose to upholster yours in an array of leather stains, such as a light caramel colored Colonade Sycamore or a rich, earthy brown Academy Cuero. Mix and match your leather upholstery to match detailing such as wooden legs and hardwood frames and you’ll have your new favorite pieces of tastefully handcrafted leather furniture that will be a beloved part of your home for generations.

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