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Mid Century Modern Sleeper Sofas


Mid Century Modern Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds | Joybird

At Joybird, we’ve discovered people have a million different reasons for investing in a high-quality Mid-century modern sleeper sofa. Number one is usually because they have an impeccable sense of design and they want their furniture and décor to reflect that….even when it comes to a pull-out sofa. However, as a multi-functional seating choice we’ve found that many times people get a sleeper sofa simply because they don’t have a lot of spare space in their home. Whether your living room is your only option for houseguests, you live in a studio apartment and want a bed you can hide away as a stylish sofa during the day, or your guest room usually doubles as a home office, a customizable Mid-century modern sleeper sofa is always a useful choice in seating.

Designed with the same sleek lines, minimalist details, fine materials, and uncluttered sophistication as all of our retro-inspired furniture, our sleeper sofas have an added bonus of being supremely comfortable, both as a sofa and as a plush pull-out bed. We use premium foam throughout so guests can be assured a good night’s sleep on a mattress that’s as welcoming as any they’d find in an upscale hotel. Basically, don’t be surprised if people start opting to stay over at your place a lot more often once they experience such a sophisticated comfort level! The same kind of style and comfort can be found in all of our fully convertible sleeper sofas available for purchase.

If you’re looking for iconic Mid-century details such as tapered wooden legs, tailored button tufting, boxy profiles and welcoming shelter arms, you’ll find plenty to choose from amongst our collection of Mid-century sleeper sofas. We firmly believe you should never sacrifice your love of great Atomic Era design when it comes to getting the furniture your home needs. These pull-out beds are so cleverly concealed behind their classic silhouettes and 1960’s detailing that it’s nearly impossible to know there’s a full mattress hiding inside. Luckily, we’ve engineered ours to pull out smoothly and easily every time, so you’ll be ready for a slumber party at a moment’s notice.

Whatever your decorating style, you’ll also rest easy knowing your choice in sofa style will stand up to the test of time. History has proven you can’t go wrong with thoughtfully-created Mid-century furniture. Its no-fuss design has a universal appeal that looks as at home in a contemporary or traditional setting as it does in a room worthy of being on an episode of “Mad Men”. Pair your sleeper sofa up with a classic Mid-century lounge chair or bookend it with an eclectic pair of accent chairs for a more Bohemian chic vibe. No matter what you do, you’ll have a winning look day and night.

Like all our handcrafted creations, your Mid-century modern sleeper sofa can be customized from top to bottom for furniture that will perfectly complement your living space. Contact us online, by phone, or by email, and choose from durable, hard-wearing upholstery in nearly every color of the rainbow to design a sofa that’s as bold or as subdued as you like. If you like the look of leather, we can even make you a top-grain leather pull-out sofa that will age with a beautiful patina over the years. You can also choose what color wood stain you’d like and our master craftsmen and women will carve and stain perfectly tapered legs for your creation. Built by hand on a solid kiln-dried wood frame to hold up for years of happy sitting and restful nights, your made-to-order sleeper sofa will be delivered fully assembled and enjoyed for generations. Sweet dreams indeed.

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